Discover How To Produce Your Own Natural Collagen

Published: 12th February 2009
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Just imagine if your body can produce its own natural collagen. Save your money on collagen firming lotions that are advertised with those two words, collagen added, on the bottle because they don't work.

You don't have to imagine if you can produce your own collagen, because you can -- I should say, you can stimulate your body's skins collagen production to produce its own natural collagen by using a product with ingredients that has been shown to boost collagen levels. In this article I will be discussing skin collagen.

We all don't like the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots that come with getting older. Getting older means that our body produces lesser amounts of collagen and elastin (its related protein), thus, the signs of aging starts.

So now, we want to turn the clock back and look younger and even healthier and the way to do this is by boosting your natural collagen production.

But, we don't like wasting money on products that don't work...or not being told the truth about those products containing collagen. Unfortunately, many consumers are being told they work but in actuality they don't. Why?

Here's the problem, collagen molecules are much too large to penetrate into the skin when topically applied. Hence, the lotions are a waste of money not to mention useless. You just can't get collagen into your skin with skin lotion that contains collagen. It's just marketing hype.

You can do a bit of your own research (and I think you should) so go to a medical and/or scientific website or talk to a dermatologist with extensive medical training and find out the truth.

So if some of the skin care manufacturers don't know that topically applied collagen is worthless, why do they advertise that they do? In my opinion, they are simply taking advantage of consumer ignorance.

Product manufacturers and advertisers think it makes perfect sense that if you want to increase your collagen levels, the consumer will buy a product that says it contains collagen...don't fall for their hype.

Alternatively, your skins collagen can be stimulated by certain natural ingredients that have been clinically tested (and shown) to increase your body's own production levels of collagen and elastin.

Because your body is manufacturing its own natural collagen production, this is the healthiest. And...the types of natural ingredients that achieve this?

After researching this groundbreaking ingredient, I've learned that it comes from New Zealand and called Cynergy TK. Keratec, a company in New Zealand, discovered a method by which a vital skin protein, called Keratin, was made to be absorbable by topical application.

Listen to this, put to the test on human volunteers, Cynergy TK stimulated the re-growth of both collagen and elastin. And there's more, it increased the production of new skin cells and improved skin moisture and elasticity.

Make no mistake about it, you can stimulate your body's skins collagen production to produce its own natural collagen by using skin care products with substances that have been shown to boost collagen levels and that can really help shave years off your appearance!

Your next step is to learn more about Cynergy TK and other natural ingredients that can offer real hope in attaining younger and brighter skin.

Marcia Kruger is a researcher and passionate advocate of natural skin care products. Visit her site now to discover cutting edge, anti-aging skin care products she recommends after extensive research:

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