Discover Dry Skin Hydrating Body Cream - The Secret Ingredient That Keeps Skin Young Looking

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Published: 16th November 2010
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Do you ever ask yourself what the best hydrating body cream is to give you soft skin? A quality hydrating cream or dry skin body lotion that's chemical-free and makes skin healthy?

The truth is, many skincare products being sold today contain cheap synthetic ingredients that don't address your skin's needs. These man-made substances don't deeply hydrate skin, they just dry out, irritate and even damage it. So the many skincare products sold containing synthetic ingredients you don't want to apply on your skin.

Chemical ingredients like fragrances, mineral oils, alcohols, dioxane, and triclosan you want to avoid. These substances are not only harmful to your skin, but they also are a possible health risk.

It can be quite difficult to find a hydrating body cream that is effective. And, it's also frustrating trying to get a hold of an all-natural product that contains safe ingredients that don't cause harmful side effects.

What you need is skincare containing active ingredients that deeply penetrate to moisturizer, soften and repair your skin. An effective body hydrating cream that addresses your dehydration and dry skin problems.

Therefore, finding a hydrating body cream that contains effective natural ingredients is the best route to take. You won't be worrying about any bad side effects, since you will be left with healthy results from the natural ingredients your skin simply accepts.

The solution to your dry and dehydration skin problems - a hydrating skin care product that preserves the level of hyaluronic acid in your skin. You see the hyaluronic acid helps keep the moisture and water content in the skin, so if the hydrating body cream you're using can't do that then it is useless.

Here are a few reasons why hyaluronic acid is essential, it provides the skin with elasticity, repairs damaged tissue, and helps in the regrowth of new skin cells. Thus, it's of great importance that you make sure your body hydrating cream is able to maintain the hyaluronic acid level because as you age the level decreases.

And when you begin to loss your hyaluronic acid level, your skin starts to show fine lines and wrinkles plus it's unable to retain moisture which leads to unhealthy, dry skin. When your skin starts to dry and crack, the unhealthy free radicals attack and cause cell damage and lessen your hyaluronic acid level.

When you're looking for an effective hydrating body cream product, look for a substance called Phytessence Wakame because it is able to sustain your hyaluronic acid level. The Phytessence Wakame ingredient is a healthy, natural Japanese sea kelp extract full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed by your skin so it becomes soft, supple, increases its elasticity and helps cure the skin dryness.


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